Ana Laura, Founder

Ana Laura – Age 4

After a long journey from her home town of Morelia, MX, two-year-old Ana Laura and 3 of her siblings arrived at FFHM’s orphanage located in Baja California, MX.  An old adobe building provided shelter for the children as they prayed for their daily bread.

Love, protection and care were provided by godly people who shared God’s word and lived as great examples.

Ana Laura – Today

Years went by and Ana Laura moved back to her older sister’s home in Morelia, MX.  In 1996 God’s calling was clear: “To build a home for children similar to what I grew up in.” Once hearing Ana Laura’s vision and heart, her loving sister and brother-in-law gave her land in a small pueblito just outside of Morelia to build the Home.

Thanks to the help and support of many people, the Home was completed in 1998, and has been rescuing and serving children in need under “FFHM – Cristo por Su Mundo”.  In addition to founding the Home, Ana Laura served as it’s first Administrator.  Months later she married Steve Haire from MN and he joined her to serve along side in an administrative capacity.

During that time, their first son Eli was born prematurely and had to be airlifted to MN.  The Lord miraculously spared his life and they were led to remain in MN.  While living in MN Ana Laura was asked to serve on the board of FFHM.

In 2000 our Bible based school “Colegio del Valle” was started to educate the children of the Home as well as students in the local community.

Now, after 17 wonderful years serving under FFHM – Cristo por Su Mundo, please join us as we continue to serve and glorify Christ as Morelia Home for Children.


God’s work, done in God’s way, will never lack God’s supply.

J. Hudson Taylor